PT. Alter Teknologi Indonesia

Tech Evolution in Motion, One Step to the Next

Company Registration Number: AHU-058220.AH.01.30

Our Subsidiary

Crafted from Our Roots, Blossoming Under Our Protective Canopy, and Pursuing Our Collective Dream!

Dive deeper into our subsidiary – a testament to our shared vision. Grounded in our enduring heritage, and mentored with our profound insights, this extension of us is dedicated to revolutionizing, excelling, and creating a future that we’ve always envisioned. Every step taken is a testament to our commitment and belief in endless possibilities.


Each project is a testament to our expertise, and while we’ve successfully executed thousands, every single one gets our utmost attention and dedication.

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Our vast array of Standard Operating Procedures ensures every task meets the gold standard, reflecting our commitment to quality and consistency.

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Our company’s history is not just a tale of success but is also meticulously documented, showcasing our journey’s transparency and authenticity.

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Our impeccable reputation is mirrored in our flawless 5-star reviews, marking us as an industry favorite.

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Every journey starts with a single step. Take yours and get to know us better

Media Spotlight

Highlighted by the media, PT. Alter Teknologi Indonesia continuously innovates for the future

Top Achievement: We successfully raised client profit by 20,000,000%

At the heart of our success lies a transformative approach. Where once there was a blank slate of turnover, we’ve catapulted our client’s profit margins by a staggering IDR 20 billion/ month. Experience the magic of unparalleled growth with us.

Partnering with Giants Industry!

Our impressive client roster boasts collaborations with numerous major corporations, reflecting our capability and trustworthiness.