In addition to establishing subsidiaries, we frequently provided services to other companies, especially during our early days. Even though our primary focus has been on building services or founding subsidiaries, there were occasions when we engaged in significant projects with other companies.

Below is a list of some of our esteemed clients and partners, spanning both national and international scales.

PT. Pertamina Persero

We collaborated on creating a database for event invitations. Safety and security of the data were of paramount importance, especially considering the critical contact information of Pertamina’s top executives within. Thus, we ensured that the integrity and confidentiality of the data were meticulously preserved.

PT. Rotam Indonesia

We designed and implemented an IT administration system to support the overall operations of PT. Rotam Indonesia based in Indonesia. This system was tailored to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in managing the company’s resources.

PT. Hideo Global Chemindo

More than just a client, PT. Hideo Global Chemindo has been our strategic partner with whom we continue to journey. Our collaboration with them encompasses a range of project scales, from boosting sales during the company’s inception to their recent expansion in the Indonesian marketplace.

Linkin Park Indonesia

We had the honor of building and expanding the YouTube community network for Linkin Park enthusiasts in Indonesia. The primary objective of this project was to amplify fan interaction and engagement through high-quality content.

That Just Some of Many Client

While we’ve highlighted a few clients and partners above, they represent only a fraction of the entire pool of associates who have collaborated with us. Regrettably, we cannot list them all here.

It’s worth noting that some of the clients and partners mentioned may have been with us since the genesis of PT. Alter Teknologi Indonesia, even before our company was formally established as a legal entity.