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News Update and the Arrival of a New Co-founder

Navigating the treacherous waters of the startup ecosystem, our team recently encountered challenges but also celebrated milestones. From technical setbacks to welcoming new leadership, our journey of transformation is packed with lessons and achievements. Dive in to discover the latest happenings and the road we’re paving for our future.


Technical Setbacks & Recovery

Database Damage and Website Maintenance

Our primary setback recently has been the unforeseen damage to our database and server. Ironically, a maintenance operation by our service provider caused this unforeseen glitch. As a consequence, our main website needed an overhaul, along with the replacement of several systems on our internal website.

Heroes Behind the Scene

Navigating this challenge, Mr. Yusuf, the stalwart leader of our IT team, spearheaded the recovery operation, making significant strides with 75% of the recovery already achieved.

His indefatigable spirit was complemented by Mr. Indra and Mr. Daniel, our contributors who’ve been pivotal in the operational and marketing network development across our startup’s business units.


An Exciting Addition: Meet our New COO

Amidst the challenges, we find reasons to celebrate. We’re elated to introduce Mr. Nur as the newest member of our executive fold, assuming the role of our Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the startup coded as DB. With an arsenal of expertise, including:

  • Programming Acumen
  • Profound Management Know-how
  • Exceptional Communication Skills

Mr. Nur is primed to drive our business unit with distinction.

Mr. Nur is primed to drive our business unit with distinction


Charting Our Road Ahead

Current Status & Future Aspirations

While setbacks are inevitable, our tenacity remains undeterred. Currently, our newest startup boasts an impressive 80% completion rate in terms of systems and website development. Furthermore, our other startups have undergone an optimization drive, focusing on enhancing online marketing strategies to engage our customers better.


In Conclusion: Our Resilient Spirit

As we tread the path of innovation and growth, each challenge is a testament to our resilience and adaptability. We’re not just about troubleshooting; we’re about pioneering, evolving, and actualizing our grand vision. Stay tuned with us, for our journey is about both the sprints and the marathons, and we’re here for the long haul.